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Financial Facts

The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) is the Authority’s official financial statements for the applicable fiscal year. The report is divided into three sections—Introductory, Financial and Statistical. The introductory section consists of a letter of transmittal unveiling the history and make-up of the organization; the financial section has the results of operations for the current and previous years as well as selected supplementary information; the statistical section includes financial trends, revenue and debt capacity as well as demographic and economic information.

Water Rates and Fees consist of water maintenance and consumption charges to both monthly-billed and quarterly-billed customers. The annual schedule also consists of ancillary charges associated with providing water to the regional system. The maintenance charge is applied to each account based upon the size of meter serving that parcel. The consumption charge is a four-tier declining rate structure based upon a customer’s water usage.

Annual Reports highlight the goals and objectives achieved over the fiscal year as well as providing insights into the strategic initiatives for the future. The report may also include a summary of financial information taken from the CAFR.

Monthly Financial Reports are used by the Board of Directors to monitor the operational and financial condition of the Water Authority. The monthly report also gives the board an update on the status of vital operations areas as well as special reports initiated by Board Committees.

Official Bond Statements are the Authority's investment prospectuses used to sell bonds to investors on Wall Street.  The reports also include a rating assigned to the bonds by an independent rating agency that determines the credit worthiness of the Authority.