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Mohawk Valley Water Authority – February 23, 2015

Chairman DeLia called the meeting to order at 5:00 PM and opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call:Present: Bruce Brodsky, Vincent Coyne, Elis DeLia, Mark Ford, Mitch Ford, Frank Mutolo, Bette Szesny. Absent: Rocco Arcuri, Dennis Bova, Scott Mahardy, Scott Williams and Steve Zywiak. Also Present: Richard Goodney, Jim Korfonta, Scott Gorgas, Greg Santry, Ken Bobrow, Esq. and Wendy Marsh, Esq.

Chairman DeLia presided and Suzanne Harmon took the minutes.

Approval of the January 20, 2015 Minutes
Motion made by Mr. Coyne to approve the minutes. Seconded by: Mr. Ford
Vote: (7) Ayes (0) Nays (0) Abstain (5) Absent Motion Carried.

Resolution: Ratifying and Funding Collective Bargaining Agreement
The MVWA and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local Union No,: 294 commenced negotiations on February 25, 2013 for a successor agreement to the collective bargaining agreement between the MVWA and the Union which covered the period of April 1, 2010 through March 31, 2013. The negotiations were concluded on January 14, 2015 for a successor agreement covering the period of April 1, 2013 through December 31, 2016. The Board has been notified that the Union’s members have voted in favor of ratification of the successor agreement. The Board hereby approves the appropriation of any additional funds necessary to implement the terms of said successor agreement.
Motion made by Ms. Szesny to approve the resolution. Seconded by: Mr. Brodsky
Vote: (7) Ayes (0) Nays (0) Abstain (5) Absent Motion Carried.

Ratification of Contract with Town of Bridgewater
Mr. Becher stated that this is for meter reading services that the MVWA was doing for the Village of Bridgewater. The Village of Bridgewater has voluntarily decided to dissolve itself and merge with the Town. This is a successor agreement to the contract that the MVWA had with the Village and now the contract will be with the Town. The agreement is exactly the same.
Motion made by Mr. Brodsky to approve. Seconded by: Ms. Szesny.
Vote: (7) Ayes (0) Nays (0) Abstain (5) Absent Motion Carried.

Resolution: MVWA to Authorize Richard D. Goodney as Authorized Agent to Sign the NYSDOT PERM 2
The New York State Department of Transportation has requested that the MVWA execute an undertaking when it conducts activities and operations upon highways and/or within the right-of-way controlled by the State of NY for such purposes as the obstruction, installation, construction, maintenance and/or operation of facilities (Perm 6). Richard Goodney, Director of Engineering of the MVWA is authorized to sign the PERM 6 on behalf of the MVWA for the NY State Dept. of Transportation.
Motion made by Ms. Szesny to approve. Seconded by: Mr. Brodsky.
Vote: (7) Ayes (0) Nays (0) Abstain (5) Absent Motion Carried.

Approval: Quarterly Investment Statement – 3rd Quarter Ending 12/31/14
Mr. Korfonta stated that this is an investment statement of the MVWA trust funds. The Board has been presented with these statements every quarter for approval.
Motion made by Mr. Mutolo to approve. Seconded by: Mr. Coyne
Vote: (7) Ayes (0) Nays (0) Abstain (5) Absent Motion Carried.

Committee Reports:
Finance: Mr. Korfonta stated that this is the first report of the MVWA’s 2015 calendar year. Consumption is down slightly, receivables are up and cash is down.

Executive Director’s Report: Mr. Becher stated that the MVWA has been dealing with nine main breaks in the last three days. Through all of this the MVWA’s maintenance crews have been heroic. The Engineering Dept. has been working 24 hours a day along with the Treatment Plant being manned 24 hours a day trying to keep up with demand. The MVWA has also been using outside contractors and the cost has been very reasonable. We have had cooperation with other Authorities in handling road conditions such as getting rid of snow and salting roads. This has been a great community effort.

Chairman DeLia asked for a motion to go into Executive Session at 5:12 PM to discuss potential and current litigation with the MVWA’s environmental attorney.
Motion made by Mr. Coyne. Seconded by: Ms. Szesny. Motion Carried

Went into Executive Session at 5:16 PM.

Motion made by Mr. Mitch Ford to come out of Executive Session at 5:45 PM.
Seconded by: Mr. Mutolo. Motion Carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Suzanne M. Harmon, Secretary
Mohawk Valley Water Authority