Mohawk Valley Water Authority – September 15, 2014


Chairman DeLia called the meeting to order at 5:00 PM and opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.


Roll Call:  Present:  Dennis Bova, Vincent Coyne, Elis DeLia, Mark Ford, Mitch Ford, Bette Szesny, Scott Williams and Steve Zywiak.  Absent:  Rocco Arcuri, Bruce Brodsky, Scott Mahardy and Frank Mutolo.  Also Present:  Connie Schreppel, Anne Milograno, Richard Goodney, Jim Korfonta, Scott Gorgas and Ken Bobrow, Esq.


Chairman DeLia presided and Suzanne Harmon took the minutes.


Approval of the August 18, 2014 Minutes

Motion made by Mr. Ford to approve the minutes.     Seconded by: Mr. Williams

Vote:  (8) Ayes   (0) Nays   (0) Abstain    (4) Absent      Motion Carried.


Resolution:  Proposed Marcy Reservoir Breaching and Partial Removal; SEQRA Environmental Assessment Form (EAF) Issuance for Agency Review

The Board is requested to authorize the distribution of the project’s Environmental Assessment Form (EAF) and Notice of Intent to establish itself as Lead Agency for the SEQRA process.  Part 1, “Project Description” of the EAF will be sent to involved agencies that have a jurisdictional approval role in the project and to interested agencies that may have other concerns or relevant input into the project.  These agencies have up to 30 days to comment on the project and the Board’s intent to assume Lead Agency status.

Once the 30 days is past, the Agency comments will be evaluated.  EAF parts 2 and 3, “Project Impacts and their Magnitudes” will be completed and a “Determination of Significance” will be prepared for Board action.  Then the Dam Safety Permit will be submitted for the work.

Motion made by Mr. Bova to approve the minutes.     Seconded by: Mr. Coyne

Vote:  (8) Ayes   (0) Nays   (0) Abstain    (4) Absent      Motion Carried.


Resolution:  Award of Professional Services Contract for the Western Mohawk Valley Regional Water Study – Smart Grid

The Board was awarded a NYS Department of State Local Government Efficiency Grant in the amount of $115,000 to conduct the above referenced study.  The Board and the five other Western Oneida County municipalities comprise the Water Advisory Partnership.  A Request for Proposal was sent to seven professional engineering firms; three proposals were received back and then evaluated and ranked on qualifications, technical approach and fees.  The WAP reached a consensus that the GHD Consulting Engineer’s proposal offers the best overall value and professional services.  The Board hereby selects the firm of GHD Consulting Engineers and authorizes the Executive Director to award a contract for the sum not to exceed $112,000, which will be paid out of the Grant proceeds.

Motion made by Ms. Szesny to approve the minutes.     Seconded by: Mr. Ford

Vote:  (8) Ayes   (0) Nays   (0) Abstain    (4) Absent      Motion Carried.


Resolution:  Award of Construction Contract for the Erie Canal Crossing Water Transmission Main Connections

The Board’s Capital Improvement Plan calls for replacement of two 90 year old cast iron 24” water mains crossing under the Erie Canal in Marcy with new polyethylene pipe associated interconnecting valves and connecting water mains.  The construction to date has been completed by past contractors (the two drilled crossings) and the mains installed on land.  There remain two final piping connections to be made that involve deep excavation, dewatering, shoring and working with large diameter concrete water main. 

Bids were received from three general contractors of which CCI Companies Inc., Canastota, NY in the amount of $79,000 was the lowest bid and will complete the work by December 19, 2014.  The sum is to be paid as a capital improvement.

Motion made by Mr. Zywiak to approve the minutes.     Seconded by: Mr. Bova

Vote:  (8) Ayes   (0) Nays   (0) Abstain    (4) Absent      Motion Carried.


Committee Reports:

Finance:  Mr. Korfonta stated that water sales are ahead of budget even though consumption is down.  Cash flow is relatively well and operating expenses are on track.


Mr. Ford stated that he just received the figures for road cuts from the City.  He will look it over and bring it back to the September meeting.


Executive Director’s Report:

         Mr. Becher stated that the MVWA is looking at changing its fiscal year.  He spoke to Bond counsel who stated that there are no legal hurdles in changing the fiscal year.  The MVWA legislation supports the flexibility in changing the fiscal year.  Jim Korfonta has been drafting a budget over the past several weeks; which needs to pass 60 days prior to the new fiscal year on January 1.   Mr. Becher would like to have a Budget Workshop at Noon on 9/30.

         Tuesday, September 2nd Dick Goodney and I had a productive meeting with the towns of Westmoreland and Kirkland.  Now that the four town permit is approved we are starting to see interest in the projects that have been on hold.  Kirkland had a Route 5 project, which is an extension of a main towards Byrne Dairy and Westmoreland is looking at working together and sharing costs.  Right now they need to update the project and are looking at grant money.  The MVWA will continue to meet with them over the next 3-6 months to discuss future water development.

         The AMI project is going very well.  The MVWA just crossed the 10,000 unit mark for modems.  Thirty percent of the system is coming in electronically right now.  The MVWA is approximately a year to a year and a half away from completing the project.

         This week the MVWA will be filming the Central New York TV show, which is put on by New York Sash.  The topic will be paving cuts and street restorations. 

         The MVWA has an RFP for videotaping the Board meetings, which should be out by the end of the week.


Committee Reports:


Mr. Korfonta stated that cash flow is good and revenues are on line with budget.  Consumption is down less than 1%.  


New Business:

Mr. Bova stated that the Maintenance facility has been without a Supervisor since November 2013.  There are three assistants that are rotating in and out of the job currently.  One employee past the Civil Service test for the position and the other two haven’t taken it yet.  Mr. Bova would like to see them fill that position either provisional or permanent. There is a similar situation with a Foreman position open.

Mr. Becher stated that he expects to appoint a Supervisor within the next two to three weeks, along with a Foreman.


Chairman DeLia adjourned the meeting at 5:17 PM.


Respectfully submitted,




Suzanne M. Harmon, Secretary 

Mohawk Valley Water Authority