Mohawk Valley Water Authority – December 21, 2015


Chairman DeLia called the meeting to order at 5:01 PM and opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.


Roll Call:  Present:  Rocco Arcuri, Bruce Brodsky, Vincent Coyne, Elis DeLia, Mark Ford, Mitch Ford, Frank Mutolo, Bette Szesny and Steve Zywiak.  Absent: Denny Bova, Scott Mahardy and Scott Williams.  Also Present:  Richard Goodney, Phil Tangorra, Jim Korfonta, Scott Gorgas, Anne Milograno and Ken Bobrow, Esq.


Chairman DeLia presided and Suzanne Harmon took the minutes.


Approval of the November 16, 2015 Minutes

Motion made by Ms. Szesny to approve the minutes.     Seconded by: Mr. Mutolo

Vote:  (9) Ayes   (0) Nays   (0) Abstain    (3) Absent      Motion Carried.


Resolution: Approval of Alternative Evaluation under the Professional Services Contract for the Western Mohawk Valley Regional Water Study – Smart Grid

The Board awarded a contract to GHD Consulting Engineers (GHD) in September 2014 to prepare the above referenced Study.  GHD delivered a draft study detailing several alternatives to utilize the excess capacity of the existing water systems.  The MVWA and other members of the Water Advisory Partnership have identified one additional alternative.  The MVWA has agreed to pay for the cost for GHD to evaluate the additional alternative and have the alternative included in the Final Study Report.  GHD has quoted a cost for the services of $10,000, therefore increasing the contract amount to $122,000 from $112.000.

Motion was made by Mr. Coyne to approve the resolution.  Seconded by: Mr. Zywiak

Vote:  (9) Ayes   (0) Nays   (0) Abstain    (3) Absent      Motion Carried.


Resolution: Award of Professional Services Contract to OBG Engineers for Design of Phase 1 Raw Water Main Improvements

Concept level planning and design of nearly 3 miles of new raw water main from Hinckley Reservoir to the WTP in Prospect have been completed by MVWA as part of the CIP.  Phase 1 of the project involves a new 230 ft. long pipe bridge across the West Canada Creek Gorge, a several hundred feet of new 54” water main, temporary line stops, new valves and connections to existing mains on each side of the Gorge.  The Engineering Department has recommended the consulting engineering firm of OBG Engineers, Syracuse, NY to perform the necessary services at a cost of $139,600.

Motion was made by Mr. Arcuri to approve the resolution.  Seconded by: Mr. Brodsky

Vote:  (9) Ayes   (0) Nays   (0) Abstain    (3) Absent      Motion Carried.


Committee Reports:

Finance:  Mr. Korfonta stated that the MVWA is above budget for water sales.  Consumption has recovered and we are at the same level that the MVWA was at last year.  Cash is good and we will be making the retirement payment which is approximately $878,000.00 in December.  Receivables are down due to collections. 

Operations:  Mr. Ford stated that there was a committee meeting regarding looking at companies to help the MVWA with disaster recovery.  Two companies are coming in on January 7th with presentations and Mr. Ford will have a full report at the January Board meeting.          






Executive Director’s Report:

         Mr. Becher spoke about the motion that was filed on the non-compliance with the MVWA’s agreement with the Canal Corporation.  There was an objection filed by the Canal Corporation regarding which court it should be filed in.  The Canal Corporation wants to bring it to the Court of Claims in Albany and not in Judge Hester’s court.  The decision for the deadline is due today.  Mr. Becher has not heard anything yet and will let the Board know as soon as hears.

         Mr. Becher received something from NY State regarding the draft audit report.  Their findings were very narrow in scope.  The MVWA has 30 days to respond in a written response, which will be attached to the audit and made public.  Mr. Becher thought the report was fair and balanced.

         Mr. Becher stated that this was the last meeting for Steve Zywiak since his term expires 12/31/15.  Mr. Becher thanked him for serving on the Board. Mitch Ford’s term also expires 12/31/15 but has not been replaced yet, therefore he will stay on the Board until that time.


Chairman DeLia adjourned the meeting at 5:16 PM and wished everyone a Merry Christmas.


Respectfully submitted,




Suzanne M. Harmon, Secretary 

Mohawk Valley Water Authority